Best Shopping Places and Souvenirs of Jaipur

Best Shopping Places and Souvenirs of Jaipur

If you visited Jaipur and didn’t do shopping, then it’s really your loss. The royal city is the home to beautiful and enchanting treasures, which you should surely take back for your friends and family. To help you in that we will tell you some best places to hunt these treasures.

Traditional and cultured shopping:

The city built and reigned in the walls of traditions and culture, is bound to leave its effect all over the city. You can see and buy it in form of clothes, jewelries, house decorations etc. Embroidered clothes, umbrellas, cushion are type of one item. Then there is famous ‘Jaipuriya Rajai’ which is a blanket that is light in weight but very warm. If you are interested in buying something like this as a souvenir then top three places to do so are:

1. Hawa Mahal market:

It’s the best place for blankets, and embroidered items like lehenga, skirt etc. The plus point is you can enjoy the view of frontier of Hawa Mahal along with shopping. The lane is full of shops and you get different options to choose from.

Hawa Mahal Market Jaipur

2. Bapu bazar:

If you are looking for Rajasthan cultures and styled clothes like bandez saari, printed pajamas or kurtis. Then this is the place for you. You can do lot of clothing shopping here and if you are looking for traditional jewelries then just in center exit of the bazaar is a small plaza named ‘Saraogi Mansion’. You get the actual luxury here of stones and gems.

Bapu Bazar

3. Johri bazar:

Now if you want a whole range of options and collections to choose from, then you can have that too. This market is all for jewelries, stones, colored gems, glass bangles (‘laakh’), bandni printed clothes. There are shops, roadside stalls, you get a wide range of list to choose from. It’s a experience itself shopping here.


Snacks and Sweets:

Jaipur has various specialties in foods too which are worth trying for and also to buy for your closed ones. The taste of richness and royalty flows in the spices and dishes around the city. Some of the worth trying snacks are:

1. Pyaaz Kachori:

The most famous snack of Rajasthan and even a specialty of Jaipur. If you visit Jaipur then you should definitely try this yummy dish. It is served with two types of dips (chutney) and ‘kadhi’. The best place to try this is ‘Rawat Kachori’, the famous shop for sweets and this special dish in Jaipur.

Pyaj Kachori Jaipur

2. Ghewar:

A traditional and festive sweet, another specialty of Jaipur. You must try this and also take some for your closed ones. They will for sure love it. On the eve of ‘Teej’ and ‘diwali’ this sweet is widely sold and bought. It is served with a topping of ‘meva’ that is optional.

Ghewar Jaipur

3. Sweet and sour candies:

In Bapu bazar, is a famous shop for flavored candies and toffees. It has too many varieties in taste, forms and packaging. You can first have a piece free for tasting of whatever variety you want to try and let me tell you, you are going to love them all. You can buy them as a treat gifts for your friends and family and especially for kids.

This is what you can shop, try, buy, gift and enjoy things in Jaipur. With these best places, not only your time but money would also be saved.

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