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Shree Siddhivinayak Temple (Mumbai)

Located in Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu), Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple is one of the significant pilgrimage sites for Hindu devotees dedicated to Lord Ramanathaswamy (another name of Lord Shiva). It is one of the twelve holy Shivalinga, and was once worshipped by Lord Rama.

Key Points about the Temple

• Location : Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu-623526
• Affiliation : Hinduism
• Deity : Ramanathaswamy (Lord Shiva)
• Style : Dravidian architecture
• Timings : 04:30 am to 09:00 pm
• Entry Fee : Free Entry
• Photography : General Ticket- Rs.25/-, Rs.200 to Rs.500 for Guide

Architecture of the Temple

The temple has the deity in the form of Lingam. Inside the shrine, there are two lingas- one made of sand by Rama is called Ramalingam, and one brought by Hanuman from Kailash called Vishwalingam. The temple is build in style of Dravidian architecture. It has many Gopurams and has a huge height as well.

Legend of the Temple

According to the myth, Lord Rama wanted to pray god Shiva in order to plead for forgiveness of his sins done during his war with Ravan. In order to worship, he ordered Hanuman to bring a large lingam from Himalayas.

However, Hanuman was delayed and Rama had made a small lingam from sand of the seashore. Later Hanuman also brought a large lingam. Since then, both the Lingams are there in the temple premises.

Visiting Hours

 There is no fee for entry.
 The temple is open all days of the week.
 The temple open at 04:30 am & closes at 09:00 pm
 The timing of the Pooja & Aarti is as below-

1. Palliyarai Deepa Aarti – 5:00 AM
2. Spadigalinga Deepa Aarti – 5:10 AM
3. Thiruvananthal Deepa Aarti – 5:45 AM
4. Vila Pooja – 7:00 AM
5. Kalasanthi Pooja – 10:00 AM
6. Uchikala Pooja – 12:00 PM
7. Sayaratcha Pooja – 6:00 PM
8. Arthajama Pooja – 8:30 PM
9. Palliyarai Pooja – 8:45 PM

The prices of Abhishekams are as below-

1. 108 Kalasa Abishegam – INR 1000
2. 108 Sangabishegam – INR 1000
3. Rudrabishegam – INR 1500
4. Panchamirtha abhisheka – INR 1000
5. Swamy Sahasranama Archanai – INR 200
6. Ambal Sahasranama Archanai – INR 200
7. Swamy Nagaparanam – INR 200
8. Ambal Kavasam – INR 200

How to reach the Temple?

By Air-The nearest airport is Madurai Airport which is 175 km away from the site. One can take private taxis or buses to the temple.
By Train-Rameswaram Railway Station is 1.3km away from the temple.
By Road- Rameswaram bus stand is 2km away from the temple.

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